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Giving leading automotive brands and dealerships
the right insights to drive sales forward.

See all customers

A command center as intuitive as it is secure

Close deals remotely

Create custom offers on the fly and share a unique link to desk deals remotely.

Leverage buyer insights

See exactly where the customer paused in the process — so you can personalize follow-up.

Empower your team

Give your team all the key details so they can move deals forward with fewer clicks. 

Save more time

Leverage Modal’s CRM and inventory feed integration capabilities to save time.

Convert shoppers to buyers effortlessly

Send a personalized link to the shopper so they can complete their order quickly and easily — anytime, from anywhere, on any device. Create a custom offer to accelerate the sale and close the deal remotely, for shoppers from any lead source.

Follow up smarter with buyer insights

Empower your team to seamlessly re-engage shoppers. Modal makes it easy with access to insights, all in one place. See where customers paused in the process, vehicles they were considering, trades they valued, and the deal terms they were exploring.
  • “We delivered 16 Modal orders this first month already and growing, plus our backend gross and quality of leads are definitely better with Modal!”
    Kingdom Kia Staff
  • "Modal delivers the best consumer experience. That’s what sets it apart. We're selling an average of 30-40 cars per month with Modal. At one point, we were even earning 25% more back-end profit on Modal orders."
    Luke Moore
    Director of Ecommerce & Digital Experience @ Bob Moore Automotive Group
  • "Modal is a breath of fresh air. It works perfectly for us and really helps us stand out. Our customers say it’s amazing."
    Seneca Giese
    Co-Founder @ Current Automotive
  • "Honestly the best experience I've had at a dealership! Buying online was great since it saved so much time - it was a perfect option for me. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience!"
    Online Car Buyer
    @ Dahl Automotive
  • "What sets Modal apart is its ease of use. For us, Modal is by far the top converting and easiest to use. Compared to any other tool we use, it is the easiest. "
    Chris Reggie
    Co-Founder @ Digital 1 Group
  • "We’ve tried other digital retailing solutions and have increased our volume 11X with Acura Precision Purchase powered by Modal. We’ve even seen increases in front-end gross as high as 79% with Modal."
    Bob Niven
    Operations Manager @ Sunnyside Acura

The future of sales is with Modal.

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Modal turns the complex car sale into an easy digital transaction that buyers love.
© 2021 Modal
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Modal turns the complex car sale into an easy digital transaction that buyers love.
Modal is SOC 2® certified.
© 2021 Modal
Terms & Privacy
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